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Valentine’s Day

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner again, but what do you buy that special person in your life to really show them how much you care? Chocolates? Boring (and fattening!). Flowers? OK, but they don’t last. Bubbly? Everyone likes a drop of fizz, but it’s not exactly very personal, is it?

Why not give something that’s both unique and very personal this year, by having your precious memories specially framed. Using our computerized mount cutter we’re able to produce a whole array of shapes (including hearts!), in 100s of different colours, with 1000s of different frame choices! We can even include a personalised message! Totally unique, this will be a gift they can treasure (and you can share!) for many years to come. Don’t follow the herd, be original and prove you can still surprise them! Happy Valentine’s ;)

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